Returns & Claims

1. Returns must be made within 14 days of shipment.

2. Returns must be returned in undamaged original packaging, properly folded and in original condition (not dirty, not damaged packaging).

3. Invoice copy, order number or packing slip must be included (several if the articles are from several different orders).

4. The return slip or separate slip must clearly state the reason for the return for each article.

ALL the requirements above, 1-4, must be met for it to be considered as a valid return.

• Returns without the proper information will not be processed. If we have not received additional information within 30 days, the return will be returned to you for a shipping fee of SEK 95.

• For returns not due to wrongful delivery or claim, a return handling fee of 25% is deducted, however minimum SEK 150.

• Merchandise no longer in our regular range will not be credited.

• They buyer is responsible for checking the delivery before processing, both in case of internal and external processing.

• Returned merchandise no longer in our regular range will not be credited.

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