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Graphix Workwear and Graphix Sportswear is the obvious choice for hard workers and people with an active lifestyle. Graphix gives you a solid base of quality garments. The workwear is made from both mixed materials and 100% cotton. Our two-colored base in 65% polyester and 35% cotton is very popular and contains t-shirt, pique, college and fleece. This is a base that stands out and gives a strong identity. Industrial Wear is a collection of garments especially to withstand industrial wash of 85 degrees.

The sportswear is an an overall concept with the entire range from tank top, t-shirt and pique to hoods and tights. The colors are bright and clear and is possible to mix and match in several combinations. We also thought a little bit extra on the seams and shapes so the garments really feels comfortable regardless of which activity you choose to do.

Graphix - it’s all about the base!