Our brands

Today, Textilgrossisten Hefa AB works on profile garments, bags and soft gifts under the brand names below.


Cottover is a wide range of basic garments in the highest quality. It´s comfortable and colorful with a modern fit. Cottver works constantly and active with sustainability and puts the highest standard of certifications for enviroment, health, working conditions and quality.

Fairtrade is an international mark which certifies the cotton in garments while fighting poverty among cotton farmers through fair trade. The cotton farmers are guaranteed a minmus price for their cotton, which covers the costs of sustainable production.

GOTS products always use organic cotton and polyester from recycled materials. GOTS not only sets high demands on materials and quality, but also environmental and social demands on all participants.

The Nordic Ecolabel certifies products and takes consideration to the environmental load throughout the entire life cycle - from raw material to use. The Nordic Ecolabel also sets demands on working conditions in accordance with ILO´s core conventions.

OEKO-TEX is an international certification system for textile raw materials and clothes, which ensures that the end-product does not contain hazardous chemicals. OEKO-TEX is a guarantee that the product corresponds to REACH (the EU´s chemical legislation).

Thank you for choosing Cottover!


dad logo

D.A.D Sportswear is profile garments when you need a little extra! Details, contrast colors and the possibility to mix and match is som of D.A.D´s strenghts.

D.A.D is known for sporty and classy design and the customiezed materials. For example, take a look at T-shirt Stanford and pique Shepparton, both mens´and ladies´style. These are garments with cotton on the outside and cooldry/polyester on the inside. This gives you a really good function but you can wear it like cotton.

Jackes are also a big chapter for D.A.D and we use taped seams, 3M Thinsulate Insulation and materials to stand against water and wind. Imagine a jacket with a unique ability to maintain a temperature of 32 degrees to keep you warm! Wouldn´t that be awsome? D.A.D´s got it. Please check Peak Hill, both mens´and ladies´style.

When we create a D.A.D garment we want to design functional quality clothing that reinforces the ambitious business profile. Dare to show who you really are!

That´s D.A.D!


Graphix Logo

Graphix Workwear and Graphix Sportswear is the obvious choice for the hard workers and people with an active lifestyle. Graphix gives you a solid base of quality garments.

The workwear is made from both mixed materials and 100 % cotton. Our two-coloured base in 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton is very popular and contains T-shirts, pique, college and fleece. This is a base that stands out and gives a strong identity. A new and improved assortment is lauched for Industrial Wear wich is a collection of garments especially made to withstand industrial wash of 85 degrees.

The sportswear is an overall concept with the entire range from tank top, T-shirts and pique to hoods and tights. The colours are bright and clear and is possible to mix and match  in several combinations. We also thought a little bit extra on the seams and shapes so the garments really feels comfortable regardless of whch activity you choose to do.

Graphix - it´s all about the base!


Derby of Sweden

Derby of Sweden has made shirt´s and blouses for more than eighty years. The brand offers many models with the goal of providing you with classy and classic designs of the highest quality.

The collars are turn down - the most classic one, button down - which is attached with buttons and cut away/semi cut away which is a bit wider to fit a tie. The tips of the cut away collar is pointing to the sides of the chest to make the tie show more, but nowadays you often see this type of shirt even without a tie.

The fabric in the shirts is prepared to fit the purpose of the shirt. This makes the shirt more comfortable and easy to handle. Our most common preparation is Easy Iron which makes exactly as it sounds, the shirt more easy to iron.

Most of our styles comes in different shapes to fit as many as possible.