Everyone has an identity, but all too many of them are anonymous! We know that a corporate image is more than headed paper and business cards. Yet what can you do if a TV or newspaper advert is too expensive or time-consuming? 

There is another way! Why not put your ideas to use in a valued and living medium such as profile clothing? Don’t just think T-shirts with a logo; think functionality and creative design and you will see that your message gets through. Create an active and healthy corporate image. The result is often happier staff and more loyal customers!


Methods of branding
For good quality and durability, different methods of treatment are required depending on the type of product. Below we have put together a short, simple guide which explains the differences between the various techniques for embellishment that can be used on our products.

The simplest, cheapest and in many cases best method of printing. Used on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other ready-made garments. Printed using pigment or vulcanised dye.

Can be used with advantage on the same products as shown above, but provides an enhanced richness of detail and more distinct colours. The transfer print can be stored for recurrent use.

Provides a feeling of exclusivity to enhance the overall impression. The method is very well suited to jackets, terry cloth, knitted products and shirts. 

Woven embroidered markings have a richness of detail that gives a very good appearance. These markings can be stored for recurrent usn.

A printing method where a three-dimensional print is stamped into the textile. The effect is like blind blocking – discreet and exclusive. Can be used on most materials, but best suited to cotton and polyester (e.g. fleece).