Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment and ethics have always been important issues for Textilgrossisten Hefa AB. New Wave Group believes in sustainable growth which we at Hefa share. It is important for us to adapt business solutions that are financially profitable, but also sustainable from a social and environmental perspective.

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to our sense of responsibility towards the community, both when it comes to the environment and to people affected by our business. This includes, amongst several things, our work to improve working conditions in the supply chain, cutting emissions of green-house gases and introducing organic and eco-friendly materials.

The objective is to minimize the negative impact that could arise from our operations, and to maximize the positive effects. Our ambition is to integrate sustainability in the core of our every-day business operations.

We invite you to take part of our work with sustainability, ethics and the environment. More information is available in our CSR-folder, where we highlight important activities, achievements and ambitions for the future.