Hefa Textilgrossisten  
The Company was founded by Mr. Hedqvist and Mr. Fagerberg.
The first two letters of their names will forming the name of the company Hefa AB.
In 1960 the company was purchased by Folke Alfredsson and it is now that the business starts.

Through good contacts with Romania, Hefa begins with import and export, from raw hides, wine, shoes, furniture, and knitted is part of the business.
The company moves from Göteborg to Kungälv. 1965  
Hefa expands its buisness with, sports products, shoes, bags and garden furniture.

IKEA becomes one of Hefa´s large customers through their purchase of cushions for outdoor furniture.
The Comapny sold to HNC / Incentive (a company of the Wallenberg sphere). 1983  
  1992 Textilgrossisten AB was founded
by Trond Jansson
Bengt Gustavsson acquires the company, Bengt has been working with the company since 70s. 1995  
Hefa acquires Matching Textiles and Shoes Team to strengthen its product portfolio and its market position. 1997  
New Wave Group AB (publ) purchase Hefa AB and it´s still a subsidiary of NWG. 1998  
  2001 The company purchase the brand
Derby of Sweden
  2004 Håkan Petterson takes over as CEO.
Hefa return to Gothenburg, Hisings Kärra which we share with New Wave Group. 2007  
  2010 The company moves to new premises
in  Ucklum Stenungsund
  2012 The company appointed as Entrepreneur of the year in Stenungsund.
  2015 New Wave Group AB (publ) purchase Textilgrossisten i Stenungsund and it´s still a subsidiary of NWG.


Merger of Textilgrossisten i Stenungsund AB and Hefa AB.
The company will work under
the companyname
Textilgrossisten Hefa AB, TG-H.