Environment policy

We attach great importance to improving the environment, both within and outside our walls. Below you will find information on what we are doing to avoid leaving the wrong sort of impression on our world.

All our suppliers have signed up to the Swedish Textile Importers’ Association’s so-called "Guide to buying terms for the chemical of textile products", which regulates and prohibits among other things heavy metals and chlorides in clothing. We have also created a standard for weight, colour fastness, flammability and more, to which all our suppliers must conform. In this way, we ensure that our factories and products leave as few unnecessary traces as possible.

Another important part of our environmental work is to ensure that the employees at our suppliers are content. We are meticulous in ensuring that no child labour is used in the manufacture of our products. All suppliers have signed up to and guarantee that they comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child in this respect.


Finally, a brief note on how we, the office and store staff, contribute to the work for the environment. As far as possible, we sort out the paper that will be recycled. We are also affiliated to FTi, the Swedish Producer Responsibility Register, to which we pay an annual fee so that packaging, too, can be dealt with and recycled. As well as that, it helps keep up our spirits here on the sites: work for the environment that means we work more efficiently and quite simply have more fun at work.